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Balancing Technique and Melody 


Chris Manning is a Dallas-based guitarist, songwriter, and session player. As an artist with a wide variety of musical tastes, Chris' music remains difficult to categorize. Heavily influenced by rock heavyweights Jimi Hendrix, King's X, Deep Purple, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Bruce Kulick, and George Lynch as well as new age artist Craig Chaquico, Chris' style balances technique and melody. To date, he has released four guitar-oriented instrumental CD's spanning multiple genres and shared stages with Drowning Pool, George Lynch and Lynch Mob, Michael Schenker, Dokken, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), and Dangerous Toys. He is also a founding member of The Zeppelin Project tribute band.

Early Influences 


Chris has many influences spanning multiple genres and styles from high-energy rock to laid back, acoustic based new age music. "Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow), Alex Lifeson (Rush), and Ace Frehley (Kiss) are some of my early influences. In fact, Blackmore remains one of my favorite guitarists because he has such a unique voice on the instrument and is one the pioneers of technical playing in hard rock music. His solos in 'Highway Star', 'Mistreated', and 'Burn' are among the greatest guitar solos of all time".


Hendrix & Page 


"Later on I discovered the greatness of Hendrix and Jimmy Page, especially once I began to study their music and technique. Hendrix's 'Red House' was the catalyst for getting me into his music and delving deeper into his catalog. Studying Hendrix's use of chords and his unconventional approach to the instrument have made me a much better guitarist. Jimmy Page is a player I recently rediscovered and have had the great opportunity to study his songs and technique while playing in the Led Zeppelin tribute band The Hindenburg Project. Page's music can be be deceptively challenging because most guitarists underestimate the techniques required to play the Zeppelin songs well".

Satriani, Lynch, and Chaquico


"I have been a huge fan of Joe Satriani and George Lynch since the 80's and their influence is evident in my music. Satriani remains the best instrumental songwriter of the modern guitar era. George Lynch continues to inspire me with his amazing and quirky style of playing. At the opposite end of the musical spectrum, there is new age instrumental guitarist Craig Chaquico, who I discovered in the 90's. His unique sound and use of electric guitar techniques on the acoustic unexpectedly got me into a genre I had previously had no interest in. As a result, I began to write and record original instrumentals and began to incoporate acoustic piano (Nashville keyboardist Christopher Sanderson) which ultimately led me to write and record two new age CDs".


Guitar Player Magazine Feature (2008)


The December 2008 issue of Guitar Player magazine featured Chris Manning and the song "Journey to Tomorrow" from The Road Back: "This is a beautifully wistful song, built upon a bed of undulating acoustics. Manning exhibits great restraint-and good musical judgement-by limiting the guitar riffs, and letting a haunting piano carry the melody." - Michael Molenda, Editor Guitar Player Magazine

The Zeppelin Project (Dallas-Based Led Zeppelin Tribute)


The Zeppelin Project does what very few Led Zeppelin tribute bands do - Perform accurate (live) versions of the beloved studio recordings with an attention to detail that honors Zeppelin’s musical legacy. The Dallas-based band has performed at various venues, festivals, clubs, and events across Texas as well as the southwest including the Dallas House of Blues, Lava Cantina, Gas Monkey, and Lubbock’s historic Cactus Theater,  establishing them as one of the top tribute bands.  


"Great band, the member's are Awesome!spot on songs and play a lot so you can always catch em somewhere!!" 
- Mark Stevenson (Facebook) 


"It was a pleasure to hear the band. Bo and Jim told me you were good and I agree!" - Ted McKay (Lonestar 92.5FM)


"Taking all of the risks of covering the great Robert Plant, this band just doesn’t miss. Their sound is one of the most authentic to Led Zeppelin that we have come across." - Deadhead Productions

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C4 Band - Chris Manning's Live Band 


C4 is a Dallas-based original rock band with influences as diverse as Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and King's X.  The band plays music from Chris Manning's new "Reach The Sky" album (No Life 'Til Metal Records).  Check them out on their C4 Band Facebook page for upcoming shows.


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